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Why Should I Write an Online Review About Vacation?

CyberCelt | December 11, 2012 in Campground Reviews,Camping,Reviews,RV Parks,RV Travel,Travel Sites Reviews | Comments (0)

If you’ve recently taken a vacation, you’ve probably encountered a variety of vendors, including airlines, rental agencies, hotels, restaurants and even entertainment venues. Most people take a vacation, get home and share their experience with a few close friends and family members, and then there are those who share their experience with the world using popular online review sites like TripAdvisor.

If you’ve never left an online review before, you may not think that writing online reviews is important or that your opinion would make a difference, but the truth is that more and more consumers are turning to these sites before planning their trip. They’re using the experiences and opinions of total strangers to learn where to stay, what airline to take, where to eat and even what places to shop at. And if you recently took a vacation, you should share your experience through online review sites for the following reasons.

You can tell people where to go.

If you had an absolutely amazing time while on vacation, find the company online and leave an amazing review. Be specific so that other readers know what time of the year you traveled, who you were with and what exactly made it so special. Knowing that a company went above and beyond your expectations can help others learn that they should also use this company if they will be traveling to the same area.

You can tell people where not to go.

Along with good experiences, it’s also possible that you had a bad experience with a company while on vacation. You should also turn to online review sites and leave a review detailing your poor experience. This will let other people know just how poorly  you were treated, and it will warn others from using this company and having the same bad experience.

 You can provide insight to the business.

By leaving an online review, you’re leaving valuable insight to the business you’re reviewing. If you left a good review, you’re letting the business know that they’re doing a great job and exceeding expectations, and they can use this information to ensure that they continue to provide excellent service. On the other hand, if your review was bad, it is letting managers and company owners about the poor quality of their business, which may be something that they were completely unaware of. These businesses can then use the information you provided to make the right changes to ensure that the same poor experience doesn’t happen to other guests.

You could earn incentives.

Some companies provide incentives to customers that leave reviews on popular websites. For example, if you left a nice review, the company may thank you by providing you with a discount off your next visit or giving you a free gift. This is their way of saying “thank you” for your input and ensuring that you come back.

If you leave a negative review, you may receive an apology from the company’s manager or business owner, which is a big deal in itself, but you may also receive an incentive to give them another try and let them prove to you that they’re a good company with good customer service. Depending on how you feel about the company, you may take them up on their offer to make it up to you, and if they do, you could write another review letting others know how they took the time to make a bad experience a positive.


Lauren Williams is a travel agent and prolific writer.  She enjoys blogging about her vacations and commonly uses a travel reviews aggregator.

Dad Deserves the Best

CyberCelt | June 4, 2011 in Guided Tours,Reviews,Travel Sites Reviews | Comments (0)

Father’s Day is June 19, this year. As always, I wonder what to give my husband from our sons. If I leave it up to the boys, my husband will be lucky to get a card. Luckily, I discovered a discount coupon site,, and they have discount coupons for everything, including travel.

My husband and I love to travel. So, I went out to and started researching travel to the areas we frequent. The more I looked, the more I realized that this was not a standard travel site. As I explored the intrepid area of the travel section, I found that intrepid travel is a different type of travel that features group led excursions, from 3 days in San Francisco to a 21 trek through the National Parks. Intrepid group adventures are designed for travelers of all ages and they have excursions all over the world.

The cost of the excursion depends on the traveler’s trip style. With a Basix trip style, you may expect traveling close to the land with few extras. The original trip style is a classic intrepid adventurer. Comfort trip style provides the type of travel with more inclusions, meals and creature comforts.

I plan on spending the next day or so, looking over the intrepid sites and doing research on the excursions. This is going to be the best Father’s Day ever!

International Bowling Museum

CyberCelt | September 19, 2010 in Bowling,Day Trips,RV Parks,RV Travel,Travel Sites Reviews | Comments (10)

RV Road Trip Idea


International Bowling Museum

and Hall of Fame

621 Six Flags Drive, Arlington, Texas

Want to bowl all strikes this summer with your favorite-bowling buddies?  Take an RV road trip to the new International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, TX.  The sport’s new “International Bowling Campus” combines the Museum, Hall of Fame and a world-class research and training center that is sure to captivate any bowling fan.  Here is how to bowl a perfect game on your RV camping trip to Arlington.

Where to Go: The new location of bowling’s Holy Grail is almost as interesting as the attraction itself.  The museum, once housed in St. Louis, MO, has become part of a complex that will include the training center for the USA and Junior USA Teams and the headquarters of the USBC, BPAA and other international bowling organizations.

Moving the Museum to the Dallas metro area also affords visitors a chance to visit Six Flags over Texas, adjacent to the Bowling Campus, as well as take in a Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers game at their nearby stadiums.  Set your GPS for 621 Six Flags Drive in Arlington; you will find more than enough to do once you are there.


What to Do: Need more detail on what is going on at the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame? The question just might be “What isn’t going on there?”  Inside the Museum, you will find interactive exhibits that explore the ancient roots of bowling, the sponsors that have propelled the sport’s growth and the technology that is fine-tuning this international sport.

Ten-pin addicts should find the Olympic training center fascinating, with its computer-assisted coaching techniques and a glimpse of the future of bowling,  If your RV camping crew includes kids, bowl them over with a trip to “Bowlopolis”, where they can test their skills in a kid-friendly setting.

As if that was not enough, the Bowling Hall of Fame also celebrates the greats throughout bowling’s history.  Every sanctioning body for the sport has champions featured in the Hall of Fame—their stars represent PBA, PWBA, USBC, BPAA and even the World Bowling Writers organization here.

Before leaving the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, be sure to stop by their gift shop.  It is amazing what you can take home that will announce your love of bowling!  Make your RV camping trip to the Museum perfect by scheduling a special event there.  The facility can accommodate parties for nearly every occasion, so why not call your fellow RV owners and arrange a group trip to the museum for a special event?

Where to Stay: The essential element in all this trip planning is the perfect RV campground. has created a helpful online listing of RV campgrounds close to the Bowling Museum.  Traders Village RV Park, adjacent to one of the largest flea markets in Texas.

Even if you have never bowled a lane, there is much to fascinate at the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, Texas.  Avid bowlers, however, will not want to leave once they enter this Dallas-area shrine to their sport.  So are you ready for an RV road trip?  Suggest this excursion at your next league night; it might just become an annual pilgrimage!

About the Author

Joe Laing is the Marketing Director for El Monte RV Rentals. For other great RV camping vacation ideas see Monty’s Musings RV Camping Blog or the new Monty’s RV Vacation Photo / Picture Gallery.

Take Over a Hotel for a Weekend

CyberCelt | July 9, 2010 in Reviews,RV Travel,Travel Sites Reviews | Comments (5)

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard of the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes?  Grand Prize is a weekend at a Hampton Hotel for you and 100 of your close friends!  They are also 100 First Prizes, which are weekend stays given away daily for a winner and three of their friends. All you have to do is click the link above and fill out the form. It will take 2 minutes, tops!


I would love to win this sweepstakes.  When I was younger, my girlfriends and I would rent a hotel room in Austin and then go to Sixth Street, the entertainment district.  Sixth Street is live music, restaurants, galleries, bars, eclectic shops and many places to meet and talk with others.  We would visit the street early for happy hour, grab some hors d’oeuvres and return to the hotel to nap, swim or take a Jacuzzi.

We would go back out to Sixth Street about 9 PM to find a good seat for the live music, which started about 10 pm. Those were the good old days, when there was never a cover charge. After partying to 2 am, we would either go back to the hotel and go to sleep or invite some friends back to the hotel and continue the party until dawn, when we would go eat breakfast.

I would love to recreate the old days for my friends. I do not know if there are 100 of us left, but between my friends, their friends, my family and their friends, we could come close to 100. We certainly would not make it until 2 am, let alone dawn, but we could do all the touristy type of things we never did when we lived in Austin.

My suggested day would begin with an Austin Duck Tour in a Hydra Terra vehicle that drives on the street and then drives right into the water. Then I would like to visit Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, the Blanton Museum on the UT campus and the Texas State Capitol.

I would swim in the Barton Springs Pool and walk the Hike and Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake. I would eat at the Old Pecan Street Cafe, where they have the greatest deserts in the world. Then I would walk to Maggie Mae’s, and look over Sixth Street from their rooftop bar.

At sunset, I would sit on the outside patio of the Four Seasons and drink champagne by the glass.  As it grew dark, I would wait for the bats to come out from under the Congress Street Bridge. Finally, I would wind my way back to the hotel for a cooling swim.  I would turn in early after making my plans for the next day of fun.

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