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Why Should I Write an Online Review About Vacation?

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If you’ve recently taken a vacation, you’ve probably encountered a variety of vendors, including airlines, rental agencies, hotels, restaurants and even entertainment venues. Most people take a vacation, get home and share their experience with a few close friends and family members, and then there are those who share their experience with the world using popular online review sites like TripAdvisor.

If you’ve never left an online review before, you may not think that writing online reviews is important or that your opinion would make a difference, but the truth is that more and more consumers are turning to these sites before planning their trip. They’re using the experiences and opinions of total strangers to learn where to stay, what airline to take, where to eat and even what places to shop at. And if you recently took a vacation, you should share your experience through online review sites for the following reasons.

You can tell people where to go.

If you had an absolutely amazing time while on vacation, find the company online and leave an amazing review. Be specific so that other readers know what time of the year you traveled, who you were with and what exactly made it so special. Knowing that a company went above and beyond your expectations can help others learn that they should also use this company if they will be traveling to the same area.

You can tell people where not to go.

Along with good experiences, it’s also possible that you had a bad experience with a company while on vacation. You should also turn to online review sites and leave a review detailing your poor experience. This will let other people know just how poorly  you were treated, and it will warn others from using this company and having the same bad experience.

 You can provide insight to the business.

By leaving an online review, you’re leaving valuable insight to the business you’re reviewing. If you left a good review, you’re letting the business know that they’re doing a great job and exceeding expectations, and they can use this information to ensure that they continue to provide excellent service. On the other hand, if your review was bad, it is letting managers and company owners about the poor quality of their business, which may be something that they were completely unaware of. These businesses can then use the information you provided to make the right changes to ensure that the same poor experience doesn’t happen to other guests.

You could earn incentives.

Some companies provide incentives to customers that leave reviews on popular websites. For example, if you left a nice review, the company may thank you by providing you with a discount off your next visit or giving you a free gift. This is their way of saying “thank you” for your input and ensuring that you come back.

If you leave a negative review, you may receive an apology from the company’s manager or business owner, which is a big deal in itself, but you may also receive an incentive to give them another try and let them prove to you that they’re a good company with good customer service. Depending on how you feel about the company, you may take them up on their offer to make it up to you, and if they do, you could write another review letting others know how they took the time to make a bad experience a positive.


Lauren Williams is a travel agent and prolific writer.  She enjoys blogging about her vacations and commonly uses a travel reviews aggregator.

RVing at LCRA Nature Park, Matagorda Pennisula

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May and June was our time for beach trips. The last trip was the Matagorda Bay Nature Park. This is a Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) park. The park fronts on the Gulf of Mexico and the entire south border is the Colorado River. Full hookups are available or off the Colorado River. The sites had long and wide concrete slabs, picnic tables and a lantern holder. The park was one of the cleanest and best maintained parks at which we have camped.

From the website:

Matagorda Bay Nature Park is a 1,600-acre park and preserve . . . has about two miles of Gulf of Mexico and two miles river frontage and hundreds of acres of coastal marshes and dunes. It is one of the best birding areas in the nation.

The beach is a walk through the dunes to swim. When the tide was coming in the waves were perfect for body surfing. When the tide was out, the beach was perfect for children. However, beware of the rip tide that pulls swimmers toward the fishing pier.  It is stronger when the tide is in.

Matagorda Penninsula map showing LCRA park

A word of caution: Even though the map above says “Driving Beach,” the sand is powder.  If we did not have four wheel-drive, we would still be there.  The beach parking on the corner of Colorado River mouth and the Corps of Engineers was better, but you have to drive over a granite levee to get to it.

We really enjoyed our trip and would recommend this park and beach to anyone.


Back From the Coast

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We just spent a week at Quintana County RV Park and a few days short of a week at LCRA Matagorda Bay Nature Park. Above is a short synopsis of the County Park. Stay tuned for pictures of LCRA park.

South Main RV, Houston, Texas

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We have been driving back and forth between Houston and San Antonio for health care.  It was difficult to find an RV spot in Houston because of the rodeo.  We did find one park, South Main RV Resort on I-90, just outside the 610 loop. There was a free daily shuttle to the Medical Center. The staff were extremely pleasant and helpful.

rv space with tree in middle

On the phone, the manager stressed that it was a quiet, older park with lots of trees.  When we went to the site assigned to us, we could not believe it. There was a tree growing in the middle of the RV space!

different rv space

We went back to the office to get another spot because we could not back into the space and then extend our slide. The next spot did not have shade, but that was okay. What was not okay was the loose, uneven gravel on the side and behind the trailer.  One evening, I heard a dog crying like it had been hit by a car.  I flew out of bed, out the door and hit that uneven gravel. BAM I was flat on my back on the gravel. Ouch!

The dog park pictured was not used much.  Most dog owners walked their dogs behind the trailers on our row.  You might say it was a dog party every evening, complete with small dog gifts left behind.  LOL


  • Free Cable TV (69 Channels)
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Computer Room
  • Fenced And Gated Park – Access Code Required
  • On-Site Management
  • Clean Laundry facilities
  • Community room


Daily Rate $39.95 – 30 amp or 50 amp

Daily Medical Rates $35.95 – 30 amp or 50 amp

Overall Impression

If you are going to be seeing doctors or hospitalizing someone, this is THE place to stay.  The free shuttle takes all the stress out of driving downtown Houston.  However, the park is in the middle of the city, with all that entails.  There is no pool.  The community center was not used much, probably because people are ill, recovering or visiting their loved ones in the many hospitals in the area.

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